A Faith-Based Mentorship to Transform Your Spirit, Life, Health and Habits.
FIT Spirit. FIT Soul. FIT Mind.

One decision can change your life...

Introducing the Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y. Mentorship

This is the ONLY Christian women’s mentorship of its kind where you can receive daily faith activations to your phone that empower to show up in your life healthy and confidently.
Amy Ramsey is a mentor and true champion for you.
Men-tor- /noun/
A trusted counselor or guide.
One who gives help and advice over a period of time.

Synonym: coach, counsel, guide, lead, shepherd, tutor

As your mentor, I will encourage, inspire, activate, encourage and equip you... 

This is a movement of intentional, faith-filled women who are taking purposeful, inspired action to walk worthy of higher callings with purpose, love and service.

What would it feel like to have a true mentor? 

A true champion for YOU. 

Someone who is truly invested in your spiritual and personal growth...

An energetic cheerleader to encourage and motivate you.

A high-performance coach that calls you higher and holds you accountable to achieve your goals. 

A healthy lifestyle expert to teach you step by step, how to build sustainable habits in your life, along with neuroscience-based tools for lasting change.

What would it FEEL like to have someone walk with you for an entire season or more, calling you HIGHER, EMPOWERING YOU to Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y. of the woman GOD IS CALLING you to be???

You weren't meant to do this alone...


1. Everyone needs a mentor. Someone to hold you accountable and to call you higher so you can rise to your full potential.

2. The more you know who you serve, the more you show up, the more you take consistent action... the quieter the outside noise becomes.

3. What you speak is what you live. Are you a confident? Speak it. Are you a woman of faith? Speak It. Are you a living the joyful life you deserve? Speak it. 

The investment is the cost of a daily latte… or a few dinners out to eat… or a few outfits... A day at the spa… 
all of these things are nice and good, but fleeting.

Girl, it is time for a BREAKTHROUGH!

Trade comparison, people pleasing, and anxiety to lead a life of CONFIDENCE, JOY, and PEACE with this step-by step Faith-Filled Framework to Transform your Mind and life using Bible-based Truth with Science Backed Strategies, Healthy Habits, and Tools for your everyday life.

No froo froo. No fluff. All Bible-based perspectives.
Walk Worthy by Amy Ramsey

When you join you’ll get access to 3 Months of:

⭐️Daily Faith Activation Texts 
  • Monday thru Friday
  • Inspiration the minute that you need it to empower you and lead you into action
  • ​Create real change in your life by starting your day with God’s Word.
  • Accelerate your transformation by weekly habit activation challenges and encouragement from me!
⭐️Bi-Monthly LIVE Mentorship Masterclasses to IGNITE your spirit, soul and Healthy HABITS!
  • You will be coached by Amy on your life, faith, and healthy habits
  • Skill up in all areas of your life
  • Create an unshakeable mindset by growing your faith
  • Build a sustainable and healthy habits as a lifestyle
⭐️Private Portal with Access to the Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y. Framework: a 7-module course designed to TRANSFORM your life (Value $1997)
BONUS #1 : Access to The Fit Soul Mindset. n this course, Amy addresses the six habits necessary to grow each and every day, and gives you the tools necessary to prioritize your life (Value $597: Accountability Coaching Clients Only)
BONUS #2: Amy's Worthy Walk Program A BREAKTHROUGH Guided Meditation Program to help you get out walking and into realignment with who God says you are ($199)
BONUS #3: $1,000+ Worth of additional Tools, Training, Meal Plans & Workouts
BONUS #4: Access the THE FIT SOUL Worship Playlist (Priceless)


Begin your transformation today for only $197

Who is the Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y. Mentorship for?

This IS for YOU if...

  • You are heart-centered, love the Lord and want to honor Him with your life...
  • You are missing inner peace and can’t figure out how to shift even while doing all the “church things”
  • You want to transform your life and take inspired action towards reaching your goals…
  • ​You need help creating a solid plan and structure so you can take your life to the next level...
  • ​​You know you are being called to more but don't know quite how to get there...

This is NOT for YOU if...

  • You are absolutely confident in every aspect of your life
  • You want to continue to allow fear to hold you back
  • You are ​at perfect peace and have abundant joy
  • ​You aren't willing to trust the process and take real action towards reaching your goals
  • ​You have exceptional healthy habits and rock-solid mindsets. You aren't interested in upleveling your spiritual disciplines and daily routines
  • You ​believe FAITH is unimportant

If nothing changes, NOTHING changes. It takes work to TRANSFORM your life, but TRUE CONFIDENCE, INNER PEACE, ABUNDANT JOY, and ENDLESS ENERGY are available at your fingertips when you BREAK FREE OF BARRIERS and create new healthy thoughts and habits using the proven W.O.R.T.H.Y. framework!

Here's what others have to say about working with Amy...

"Amy Ramsey is a fantastic facilitator, leader. She is so epic, so qualified in helping you achieve your goals and getting you beyond your vision-- like to your next level in in life with your body, with your health, with all the things. So if you have an opportunity to work with her, I highly suggest her."

Natalie Jill
Bestselling Author & Performance Coach
Marlene Walk Worthy
"My biggest breakthrough in this season has been not allowing those deep rooted thoughts of insecurities and inadequacy to have a place in my mind. Owning my crown. Accepting that I am created in a specific way on purpose.”

Marlene Baugh
Amber Raines Walk Worthy

Amber Raines joined Walk WORTHY and was able to discover the root of her scarcity mindset and perfectionism.

“Now I really have more awareness and tools in place to address these issues I struggle with. I also feel like I have gained confidence to step out of my comfort zone — I even led a Thanksgiving lunch at my child’s school, which I never would have done even a few months ago! I have a stronger faith in God, more of an abundance mindset, am not comparing my gifts with others, and overall feel more fit in my mind, body and soul.”

Rita Beverly Wal Worthy
"Working with Amy has been life changing! The mindset work is powerful and has made a positive impact in many areas of my life. The faith inspired transformation is a journey and Amy provides an abundance of tools to progress enthusiastically! She is a beautiful soul, living her purpose while supporting and encouraging those around her."

Kim Dinwiddie
Kathy Walk Worthy
"I was doing my journal and my gratitude journal I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for you I'm grateful that I decided to do this to jump in and invest in myself and I'm just grateful for your knowledge and your encouragement your energy and enthusiasm and just the kind words that you're speaking over me."

Kathy Walk Worthy
Before joining the program, Rita Beverly had tried prayer, reading books, and other ‘personal growth programs,’ but stayed “stuck” in many areas of her life for over 30 years.
“Walk WORTHY helped me realize that my past wounds (rejection, feeling unlovable and unforgivable) were what was keeping me from stepping into who and what God has called me to be. I am consistently taking my WORTHY Walks, filling my mind with who God says I am, and letting Him speak to me. I’ve taken steps towards releasing the past, am gaining more confidence, am more open with my husband and kids, and am excited about starting my health coaching business!” 


It's time to be emotionally healthy. Physically healthy, spiritually healthy. It's time to stop settling.

Live the confident, prosperous, joyful life you are MEANT to live:

Hi, I'm Amy Ramsey...

I am a Christian Lifestyle coach who helps women tap into their higher purpose and potential by stepping into their true identity in Christ and walking worthy into the life of abundance He has called them to.
My passion for encouraging others to embrace combined with empathy from my previous experiences drew me to leading women in the freeing journey to finding pure joy. 
As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know the strength and determination the passage of pain to purpose takes.
I hid behind a big smile for too long. But, when I stepped out of shame and into my identity in Christ, I gained fresh confidence and resilience. I’m here to help you do the same by breaking free of people pleasing, perfection, and protocol holding you back.
I’m here to encourage and guide you to gain clarity around your calling, find direction and higher purpose for your life, unleash new confidence, choose joy, create healthy habits, and so much more. 
You only get to live this life once, so why not maximize it?!
Let’s get to it, sister! 

So what am I getting with this program?


Join live coaching sessions with me and our community of women across the globe dedicated to their growth. You will learn my core fundamental teachings of transformation broken down into an easy to digest, fun and spaced-out curriculum. It’s a break from reality as you know it – a chance to retreat from your memorized ways and reprogram the way that you live. This is a journey from who you’ve DEFAULTED into being to who GOD intends for you to be. All coaching sessions are recorded with replays available within 24 hours for playback (in case you can't attend).


Just when you need it most, I will pop into YOUR text messages with scripture, encouragement and the calls to action to empower your faith, confidence, inner peace, and abundant joy! I am known for speaking life into women and empowering them. I lead you into action and hold you accountable, so you can make real change every morning. 


Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y. is broken down into easy to digest modules and lessons centered around teaching you to become a Whole, Optimized, Renewed, Transformed, Healthy, You. When you join us inside the program you get simple, yet effective personal growth tools and daily action steps for exercise, nutrition, and spiritual growth.

#4: BONUSES (VALUED $1800+)

And to make sure that you have ALL of the tools you need to become the woman God created you to be by breaking free of the thoughts that are holding you back from moving forward, you'll receive some of my tried and proven Fit Soul programs INCLUDING The Fit Soul Mindset (VIP Accountability Clients, Value $597), Worthy Walk (Value $199), and $1000+ worth of additional tools, training, meal plans & workouts. PLUS:: Access to my Fit Soul Worship Playlist (PRICELESS)!

It's time to be emotionally healthy. Physically healthy, spiritually healthy. It's time to stop settling.

Frequently Asked Questions...


Can you afford not to do it? What will change if you leave things the same? And with our brand new payment plan options, it’s easier than ever to say yes. And what would your personal transformation be worth that to you?

is there a payment plan?

My goal is for Walk Worthy to be accessible for everyone, which includes offering a payment plan. You can see payment plan options in your cart at checkout. 

When are The MASTERCLASSES held?

Live masterclasses are held bi-monthly and are via Zoom. Sessions are recorded and will be available as a reply within 24 hours to be accessed for playback at any point throughout the program in case you cannot make the session live. 

What if i can't attend the live session?

I encourage you to attend as many live coaching sessions as possible, but I know that life gets hectic. All sessions will be recorded and a replay will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. Additionally, you may submit questions to Amy to be answered during the live call up to 72 hours before the session. 

How long is the program?

You have full access to Walk W.O.R.T.H.Y., the LIVE Masterclasses, and your bonus programs for 3 months. All of the lessons, modules, and Masterclass workbooks can be downloaded and utilized forever.

I'm an alumni... is the program content different this time?

The core, fundamental teachings are the same – the journey from who you’ve been to who you are becoming. This is an ever-evolving process, and so it will serve you greatly to continue your journey and join another round of the program. I am continuously adding new elements (and bonus programs) into the curriculum, so it will always be new journey for you. 

what is your refund policy?

There are no refunds, partial refunds, credits or transfers on any payment once you register. If you are a little concerned about this, this may not be the right program for you. Our program is a Christ-centered committed community, which means, we want you to show up . Backing out is not an option, and people who invest in themselves and make a commitment to finish what they start have the best results. Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.

What RESULTS can I expect from the program?

What you'll ACHIEVE...

  • Break through barriers and baggage with introspective questions to get to the root of self-doubt
  • ​Forge a mindset makeover with tools to rewire your brain, mind, and thoughts
  • Build healthy nutrition and exercise habits to give you more energy and achieve weight loss while establishing structure in your life
  • Commence your faith inspired mind, body, and spirit transformation to find true inner peace and abundant joy
  • ​Start growing and thriving as the Whole Optimized Renewed Transformed Healthy You (WORTHY)!

What you'll LEAVE BEHIND...

  • Listening to the negative thoughts that overpower your mind and keep you doubting yourself
  • Believing there’s not enough time to accomplish the things you desire and putting your dreams on the ‘back burner,’ yet exhausted from always say “yes” to everyone else
  • ​Staying in your comfort zone rather than discovering and living out your powerful purpose
  • ​Practicing unhealthy exercise and nutrition habits which prevents you from losing those unwanted pounds and keeps you unmotivated and unproductive

Combine the Word with the WALK to identify and REMOVE any obstacles holding you back from inner peace, confidence, and joy + get new tools for your mental and emotional toolbox.

It's time to STOP sitting on your  POTENTIAL...

Don't waste another moment thinking about it. Make the DECISION and take ACTION.

tHE walk worthy MENTORSHIP IS jUST
or choose the payment plan 
that works best for you:
  • 2 Monthly Installments of $277
  • 3 Monthly Installments of $197

What's the cost of NOT taking action...

If you wait, you'll likely be right where you are today, tomorrow.
I'll say it again:
If NOTHING changes, NOTHING changes.
Start Your Faith Inspired Transformation today to become the W.O.R.T.H.Y. Woman God has created and called you to be.
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